Forecast prediction error


Hello, I'm new here so please be patient.

I've trying to create a forecast using the cronos program but there is some problems:
1) The link chooser dialog is not showing when I try to link LR item or ARMA 1,0 model to the Forecast item.
I think that's because this code gets executed :
            if (lsc.NumPossibilities == 1)
                idx1 = lsc.FirstPossibility.source;
                idx2 = lsc.FirstPossibility.sink;
I guess it automatically assign the LR item output to the Forecast item data input. If that's so then why in the right panel under the Transformation group the Input 1 is NULL?

For better understanding, I've attached 3 photos:
01.jpg - represent the output data from the sampler
02.jpg - represent the output date from the ARMA (1,0)
03.jpg - represent the Forecast properties .... this is where I get the forecast error.

I've followed the tutorial for creating a forecast using the data from yahoo.


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